Flick it, don't stick it

June 6, 2007

We're not suggesting that urinals are clean..

Functionally, they're first repositories and then disposal units for fluids that our bodies (well, mens, and ladies if they squat the right way) are trying to get rid of, and it goes without saying that the resulting smell is best flushed away. So, fluids going into a urinal. Unsavoury, but acceptable.

There are those aim-challenged dudes that piss on the floor, but we always assumed it was a single purpose activity. Turns out, there is also a rare breed that we've only just encountered.1

We're talking, of course, about those types that stick boogers on the wall.

What's the deal, man?

Flick it, don't stick it
Having the same problem? This sign might help.
(we recommend lamination before it's posted)

Have you nothing better to do than ram a keyboard-buffed forefinger up your nostril, scratch around for a juicy bit, then delicately extract a magic nose goblin to place at eye-level for all to see?

Since you obviously use the urinal on a regular basis, this collection of boogers must be a trophy of sorts, an urban cairn reflecting days past.

To be fair, there was one bloody specimen to the left which may've been a testament to some night on the town, tossing back pints and smoking more than your fair share. Sadly, though, the rest look like nothing but the occasional allergy and a lack of exercise.

Don't take this rant to mean that we find the habit unnatural, or a reflection on your moral character.

It's just that, next time.. flick it, don't stick it.

Best regards,


  1. Lest any stone be left unturned, there was the one kid in South Park that dropped a duke in the urinal, so that might just happen too..